Being fashionable is no Childs play, and for one to keep up that reputation a girl has got to shop.

Now as much as I want to spend all my time in retail stores trying on those amazing outfits, I really don’t have that time and I am certain that I speak for a lot of women when I say the weekends really keep me indoors and as much as I would love to stop by one of those boutiques or (all of them if possible) The list of activities which includes some great amount of deserved sleep seem to always have me booked and before you know it, it is another exasperating Monday.

If I was heading over to a specific store, that outfit is either priceless or that store really has my heart, either way I had to sacrifice one for the other. As much as we take pride in shopping outside Nigeria, situations like increase in Dollars and pounds can be quite restraining and trust me the long wait to see those lovely dresses, shoes or bags can almost be emotionally torturing to me which was basically my situation until miraculously. Online Shopping in Nigeria started gaining publicity and everyone was doing it, I gave it a try and as you guessed I was attached hook line and Sinker.
Remember that my problem with not shopping as much as I would love? Gone with the wind! There are a lot of websites these days, it is hard to keep up but these are a few that always has me coming back for more.

Fashpa: I just love this site, every time I log in there is always something that keeps calling my credit card. I love the high street fashion vibe going on for it mixed with luxury. It just simply gives you affordable items with an aura of luxury surrounding it. Did I mention they are affordable yet high end and utterly sophisticated? They have listed high street Nigerian Brands as well as UK brands. A trial will literally convince you.

MRP: Also known as Mr Price, if you did not know they also run an online store then you are welcome. We are very familiar with how affordable Mr Price is, the South African Retail store is indeed a blessing when it comes to a lot of casual wears. The prices are always mind blowing if you are very familiar with boutiques you will very much appreciate the prices at this store. My little secret when I shop on MRP is that I always go for unconventional outfits and Girl! There is nothing a little styling cannot do.

Kaymu Fashion: The first time I heard about this store the first thing that came to mind was Tech oriented Online store. Then I just stumbled on their fashion Category, Women’s shoes to be precise and I literally kept clicking on the buy option till I realized I had passed my shopping budget for the month that is how captivating the products are. The fact that they are absolutely affordable is something I have not been able get over.

Konga: These guys are just amazing, they literally always draw me in with their deals, even if I did not intend to buy, whenever I get their newsletters on the latest deals I just find myself logging onto the website and clicking on the add to cart option. They never disappoint when I have an event to attend and I am looking for something impromptu, they always deliver the absolute best.

5K Shop: Every time I heard about this store, for some strange reason I just did not envisage the greatness I came across when I finally logged on to the website. I was just stunned at how affordable yet amazing the products were. There are so many of my most treasured clothes that are from the 5k shop and as you can guess they all range from 5k and below. How great is that?

Need I mention the fact that they can deliver to you is just the icing on the Cake, If you are new to Online Shopping, I guarantee you it is great, especially when it involves fashion!

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