_MG_6294-EditEmerging design label, Ovem Fashion by Vovwe Omoko presents new pieces
aimed at empowering women through fashion. The B3 by Ovems collection
shows3 sides of a woman – The Babe, the Boss and the Bride. When happy
she is a playful Babe. As a career woman she is a Boss at the office,
strong, confident, sexy. The Bride who creates a home for herself and
builds a legacy for her children. VovweOmoko emerged as the most
creative designer in 2014 at the Winas bet Nigerian Student Fashion and
Design Week (NSFDW) which is apparently the biggest fashion showcase
for emerging student designers in Africa, she later went on to win the
David Wej Fashion Competition and finally emerging as the Black&Bold
Young Emerging Designer of the year 2014.All these early achievements
made her an in-house wardrobe designer/stylist for the recently
launched Wazobia TV and Cool TV. She also showcased some of her
designs at the African fashion week Nigeria 2015.
The hue black and white used for this collection depict the happy and
sad moments that make up the Woman. The various pieces gives us even
more perspective into the many sides of a woman. View the collection

  • Photo Credits

Photography: Yom Studios (Instagram: @YomStudios)
Makeup & Hair: Jasmine Beauty World (Instagram: @JasmineBeautyWorld)
Creative Director/Stylist: Vovwe Omoko (Instagram: @Ovems)

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