The first trimester is the first period of pregnancy that lasts for about 12 weeks. During this period, the body undergoes series of changes. These changes occur due to some hormones which are being produced from the moment the body gets the ‘you are pregnant’ signal. This is because you are nurturing a life inside you hence you need to create a comfortable environment for the foetus.

Importance of Antenatal Care during the First Trimester
Antenatal care is very important in all stages of pregnancy. However, it is required that you start early (during the first trimester) because it helps in the early discovery of some life-threatening disease and infections. e.g HIV-if detected, treatment to commence immediately. Some infections may be dangerous to the foetus’ health, exposing it to serious birth defects and abnormal growth. Medical investigations are conducted during antenatal care for this reason.

Red Flags during First Trimester

Vaginal bleeding accompanied by sharp abdominal pain can be a sign of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy and should be reported to your doctor immediately.

Fever is a normal pregnancy symptom. However, a temperature higher than 38 degrees accompanied by rashes and joint pain may be a sign of Toxoplasma hence, should be reported to your doctor.
Other symptoms may include vaginal discharge and itching, pain during urination, and vomiting.

Lifestyle Changes during the First Trimester

Eating healthy and taking medications such as vitamin supplements regularly is very important during the first trimester.

Cessation of smoking and drinking habits should be considered the moment you discover you are pregnant because it is harmful to you and the foetus.

Dear mother to be, you need to know that stress is one of the most common causes of miscarriage. Therefore, activities which require heavy lifting, regular bending and emotional stress such as overthinking should also be avoided. If you feel like work, Workout! Moderate exercises can help increase blood circulation and promote relaxation.

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