Each movie premiere brings a buzz of excitement and grand expectations for the red carpet. Use these behind-the-scene cues to find your new favorite character.

1. Language of color- Color influences how we perceive things. In cinema and television, it plays a leading role. Red signifies anger, energy, and passion. Black can be a power color for the no-nonsense go-getter; a sign of depth, dominance, and influence. Green can represent health, life, and renewal. On the other hand, it may also represent greed and opulence (in US currency), which is also signified by gold and metallic colors. Bright colors reflect a flashy character’s attention-grabbing persona, but soft tones better suit humble and kind characters. (Costume designer tip: To make a character look less-than-glamorous, dress them in their least-flattering colors. This can add the illusion of aging, signify disorder, or lack of wealth.)

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2. Putting it all together- Wearing colors that clash or many colors at once can signify emotional/mental disorder or a character who has recently become wealthy but needs refinement. This can also be a comedic point to a character who desires a fashionably wealthy lifestyle. A bold personality can be showcased in equally bold patterns, such a high-contrast tartan and shiny details. Aggressive or feisty characters come to life in animal print.

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3. Measuring up- A character’s character is seen in the fit of their wardrobe. An unorganized and unreliable character is likely to wear over or under-sized pieces. But if the items fit, they appear disheveled or outfits are worn improperly. Their hair will be unkempt or unflattering to their overall image.

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4. Mane and tale- Hair plays such an important part in cinema. It silently tells a story and can help create an endearing character fans will grow to love or love to hate. A wealthy character will have every strand in place- unless they experience a traumatic experience, in which case their style will take a serious turn for the worst. For a character who is aspiring to join an elite society, their hair will almost appear well-styled but show tell-tale signs that there’s more to their background than immediately revealed.

Your turn! See how many of these ideas you can find on the silver screen. #EMPicturePerfect

By: StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor

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