Mothers are indeed blessings to us. As we lead our lives as individuals, it is almost impossible to discountenance the effect of their sacrifices on us. They have nurtured us, blessed us, and prayed for us. We should ideally celebrate them every single day! With the multiple mother’s day celebrations we have, that opportunity presents itself a lot – a little too much sometimes. If you are one to buy gifts and you don’t want to have to break the bank every single time, here are mother’s day gift ideas that are under 15,000 Naira.

  • A Book

It is important to put a lot of thought into it when choosing to get a book for your mum. Understand if she reads and the kind of books she’ll be interested in. Decide whether she would be interested in a cookbook more, a religious one, or a motivational one, and get it for her.


  • Ankara Dress

We cannot underestimate the value of native attires in this part of the world. While you can choose to buy an Ankara material for her to sew, it is preferable to take it up a notch and have an easy to wear one as a gift for her. There are so many social media fashion pages that offer good deals on already made simple Ankara dresses for you to choose from.


  • Customized items

From customized mugs to customized shopping bags or sweaters, you get an edge. Not only are they relatively affordable, they also show that you put a lot of thought to it.


  • Earrings

If your mother also loves to show off, quality earrings would also be wonderful options. Whether they are pearl earrings or simple diamond studs, you give her a way to think of you every single time she wears them.


  • Skincare products

Organic skincare products also make wonderful gift items. Get her a simple set comprising of a body wash and a moisturizer, and she would definitely be very appreciative of it. There are also a number of deals available for this on skincare sites and social media pages within the same range.


  • Take her out

While you might not take her out every single mother’s day, it is an option that she would love. Also, while restaurants are good, it is even better to be creative. Take her to a spa or to see a movie or even to a private beach. Just take time to paper her and she would love you even more.


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