Why Do Men Roll Up Their Sleeves ? 1

First and foremost, i should ask this; WHY DO MEN ROLL THEIR SLEEVES, and the STYLES OF ROLLED SLEEVES?


1. Practical Necessity; Washing the hands, doing heavy lifting where the wrists and forearms are strained, working on something dusty, and so on are all perfectly normal reasons to pull back the shirt sleeves. Anytime your sleeves might get in the way or dirty or caught in a moving part – roll ‘em up. Thus it is the universal “men at work” style. Examples of this include unclogging a toilet, or perhaps rescuing a cat from a tree (though in the latter case you might actually leave the sleeves up to avoid scratches on your skin).

2. Heat; When it’s very hot and stagnant, rolling up the sleeves lets air flow directly over more of your skin. Every little bit helps. While the appropriateness of rolled sleeves varies by workplace (see below), anytime you’ve got direct sunlight on your skin, rolled sleeves are acceptable. They’re also nice when you work or live inside a place where the temperature fluctuates a great deal, as it’s nice to be able to roll them down when the A/C’s blowing on you, and roll them up when the room gets stuffy.

 Why Do Men Roll Up Their Sleeves ? 2

3. Casual Attitude; As a purely stylistic expression, rolled sleeves mostly serve to “dress down” something that would otherwise be too formal/dressy for the occasion; rolling back the shirt sleeves sends a visual signal that says “relaxed.” For example, upon leaving the office for a less-formal work function or social gathering, men with their jackets off and their sleeves rolled up is classic “Happy Hour” style.

 Why Do Men Roll Up Their Sleeves ? 3




1. Unbutton both buttons

2. Flip the cover over

3. Tuck the cuff and roll it under so that the cuff creates a new, precise end of the sleeve.

4. Repeat until desired length is acheived.

 Why Do Men Roll Up Their Sleeves ? 4


1. Start with both cuff buttons unbuttoned.

2. Fold the sleeve up, from an inch or so beyond your elbow.

3. Flip the sleeve upward, to just below the end of the cuff. You want about a third of the cuff to be visible.


1. Flatten out the sleeve (preferably ironed) on a steady surface.

2. Bend the sleeve upward at the cuff, then curl…

3. … until it is inside out.

4. Straighten both the bottom and top of the cuff. They should be very neat and without wrinkles.

5. Fold the full cuff up again, like you did at the start.

6. Curl again. Then neaten. Repeat to your preferred height on the arm. (Consider going higher up with this style.)

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