I see a girl, all dolled up, cat walking, forming all shades of beauty and all. And then all of a sudden, I am disappointed! Girl….? Why would you do that to yourself?! Really?! Baby Girl, I had high expectations of you…you look this ravishing and have a spongy hair on?, C’mon! You should know better, babe!

Carrying a spongy hair does more harm to your self confidence, than you can imagine. Your self esteem diminishes because you see other girls/ladies as superior to you. You might not know you’re doing this, but you really are, indirectly…

Carrying a spongy hair makes you look cheap and unkempt. You don’t want to do that to yourself. You might claim you’re not so boxed up to get nice hair but guess what?, You don’t have to break the bank to get nice hair. There are moderately cheap hair that would look nice on you.

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