He thinks you’re being coy, but you really have no idea what to wear. It happens! Read on for outfit inspiration from your favorite stylist.

1. It actually worked out well because he realizes you are truly hard to get (men love a challenge; football fans, anyone?). Once you are finally ready to accept the date, a new challenge arises: what on earth will keep his attention? You. The lady he initially laid eyes on is usually who he want, or he would have pursued someone else. Dressing to reflect your personality could be more appealing to him than adopting the latest trends. After all, the dating/courting period is about getting to know each other. If you aren’t into pink and glitter, lace and florals are ultra-feminine alternatives.

2. Husbands are a different case. They have special privileges, such as their wife wearing special outfits for them that a boyfriend would not have earned the right to see. A turtleneck dress is cute and casual, but when paired with fringed boots it is taken to another level. Repeat the fringe in your accessories and choose to keep this as the highlight of your outfit. Soft pink makeup and edgy yet understated midnight black, grey, and silver shades will keep the look balanced.

3. Looking nice even on relaxed days gives an impression of consistency and helps maintain respect. For casual dates and outings, the same rule applies. Casual glam is a real thing! Avoid wearing clothing or makeup for incorrect occasions (as I shared in “Lovely Lashes”), but keep it cute. A simple dress and radiant jewels make sure you are the main attraction. A pretty pair of heels repeating the angles in the collar and marquise-cut diamonds add glam to the look!

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