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LoudNProudLive Series which held at Pattaya Oriental, Victoria Island was organized by NMO Management & PR had YQ as
headline artist. The live
show, hosted by funny MC SASSY BIGMA, was full of big moments and
magical performances. LoudNProudLive One Sound band were on fire
alongside the other artists who performed to perfection. The
crooner, Omotayo was not left out of this action. She serenaded the ladies what a dream. LAZBIZI who
took the afropop and dancehall vibe to another level and super solid
talent OC who had his live set on lockdown.

IC Omoallen whipped up the audience as did Yemisi Fancy who with her
salsa vibes had the audience mesmerized by her super solid set. Other
artists performances included dancehall queen MarceyKeyz, GBT Winner
SQIU always a crowd magnet, gave a sterling performance as did MITCHEL
and current GBT winner CHIMZ MADU who LIT the stage with his flawless
set. The night evolved into an artist jam Session with GLORIA IBRU and
ELVINA IBRU showing the new generation acts just how the veterans
perform live effortlessly. Of course, what is a live performance, without the older generation doing their thing too?

Catch next LoudNProudLive Series Thursday 28th September

See photos of the event..

For more information visit www.loudnproudlive.com

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