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Makeup artists have used big screen illusions to make lips appear fuller for years. Perfect your pout in a few effortless steps.

Smaller lips can have a plumper appearance in minutes, but many of the latest lip hacks are inspired by mouths that are naturally full. If you have naturally full lips, rejoice! You do not need to line the outside of your lips. Doing so causes them to appear larger than what is natural and completely overwhelm the rest of the face. Thought to attract more attention to the face, it truly distracts from it.

However, fuller mouths desiring a slightly smaller appearance can line inside the lips. Simply follow the natural lip line and enjoy longer-lasting color.

Optical illusions: Just like highlight and contour, dark and light lip colors can make mouths appear larger or smaller. Bright lip colors can maximize far-reaching attention on lips while darker tones can give a more sophisticated feel. Those with a slight cupid’s bow can enhance it by following the “Sharp Lips” illustration.

Visual cue: Exciting colors seem to really come to life on round-shaped faces or cheeky smiles.
Dark, almost-black lipstick can make facial hair and lines more obvious. Dark colors cause the eye to notice more dark tones.

Yellow-based beige lip colors can cause teeth to appear yellow. Exactly. If you look better in gold tones, this may not apply to you. For cooler skin tones, the best “beige” may be a softened pink. It may look more vivid on the tube, but look natural once against the skin. (Hint: Your best nude is the shade that matches your natural lip color.) A selfie test of the desired beige versus another can help determine the best option.
For an unforgettable smile, choose a blue-based lip color (especially if you look better in silver than gold). A fresh pink in your best tone will also give a healthy, natural appearance people would love to see!

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