Some ladies like to keep it short, while others do not. Some ladies will tell you their men wouldn’t approve of them keeping it short. Personally,i love to keep it short.

Considering the fact that you do not have to spend so much to look good? What?….don’t you give me that look, you know I am saying the truth, yea? Lol. Not even with the hike in prices of hair extensions? Why even stress it, when you can go for a cheaper option?

Aha! How many hours did you say you spent at the salon the last time you went? I really do not have such patience, you know? I’d rather go to a barbing salon and spend at most, one hour! Imagine!

And then you can wet your scalp every single day!!! Tell me what beats that heavenly feeling. The fresh air that penetrates into your brain….the naturally beautiful look you have…

I’ll show you some cut hair cut, Incase you change your mind to join the trend..


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