1)Can you tell us more about you please? I am a very simple girl from a big family. I’ve always wanted my own success and I never wanted to live in anyone’s shadow. From a young age, I always had dreams of being on Tv and working in fashion, but I didn’t know how it would happen. Well its happening and I’m so grateful, but I haven’t even started yet.
2)How long have you been in the industry for? One year and three months now.
3)Please tell EM readers briefly about your programme? I host a show on Spice Tv Called style 101, which is quite similar to fashion police, where a panel talks celebrity outfits to events, and votes on various trends in season. My second show is called You Got Issues, and I have two guests on each episode to help tackle common questions about love, family, Career and other social issues.
4)As a presenter, what are your expectations? I’ll say that my job has helped me grow as a person cause I find it easier to relate to people now since I’m working and meeting with different personalities constantly. I’m also more aware of the things I want such as to be a voice in the Nigerian/African/International fashion industry, to gain better public speaking and presenting skills and so on.
5)What differentiates you from other presenters? I was very strict about making a distinction between being a presenter and being a Talk Show Host. Many people don’t really know the difference.
6)In Nigeria and Africa as a whole, how do you think we are setting standards fashion wise? I have modeled in the past, so I take fashion very seriously for me it’s more than just following trends. Nigeria is now producing very successful international models, our designers are selling and showcasing overseas and our personalities are making big fashion statements at worldwide events. The sky can only get closer at this point, so it’s a great time to be Nigerian and African.
7)How do you define your style? I wear what I like and I try to push the envelope a bit with what I wear. I believe in plain make up, because I like my outfits to do the talking.
8)What should viewers look out for from your programmes? There’s a lot of bigger and more interesting people on the show. We’re no longer afraid to speak up and be honest about our fashion ideas! I love it because nobody sets out to be offensive, so both shows are fun and insightful.
9)What are the challenges you face as a presenter? You work with all kinds of personalities in front and behind the scenes so there’s naturally always a clash here and there. Plus, I think some people still don’t take presenting very seriously and the idea that your work could be undervalued is very frustrating.
10)What inspires you? People, music, life, fashion and my family.
11)Any role model? Oprah Winfrey, because she’s a testament to not letting circumstances direct your life. I also look up to my father and mother more these days and I’ve come to just really appreciate their hard work and humility.
12)What is the secret to staying “on top of the game” in the industry? I’m very ambitious and I think it’s a gift. I’m literally hardly tired, and I’m always thinking of new things I want to achieve.
13)How have you been able to balance your lifestyle as an individual and a presenter even on SPICE TV? I love what I do, so most of the time I don’t feel like I’m working. I do what I need to do to network and be at the right places, but I’m generally only interested in enjoying my life more than I’m after the shinning lights, or popularity.
1. My style is Bold, sexy and edgy.
2. I cannot live without. My headphones
3. Fav fashion trick… . wearing my skirts as dresses
4. Fav designer Atsuko kudo
5. One item every girl should own. Red pumps
6. Next item on my wish list… Aquazzura mink fur pumps
7. Last purchase … a pink leather suitcase
8. My fav boutique shop…. Zara
9. My best shopping city.. Paris
10. I feel most sexy when I am wearing.. Red
11. When I’m on the red carpet I like to…smize
12. Fashion rule I live by…it’s better to arrive late than ugly
13 I am currently carrying …
14. Name your favourite piece in your wardrobe…A black cut out dress from Zara
15. Signature accessories…. bangles and bracelets
16. What are you buying this season to update your look… I really want more shoes. It’s like an addiction
17. Who is the most stylish woman you have seen…Lisa Folawiyo
18. What are your beauty essentials? My lip gloss and my bronzer
19: Early style influencer…Naomi Campbell
20. How often do you repeat outfits… maybe once a quarter, unless it’s my loungewear
21. Do you follow trends? Never
22. Fav holiday destination and why. Morocco; the ambience and hospitality is unmatched
23: Describe your ultimate party dress. Fitted, shinny and backless
24: How do you like your jewellery: statement or simple? I love simple and classic jewellery.
25: what’s your earliest fashion memory? My first runway show in Nigeria for House of Mya when I was 15 years old.


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