1. Can you tell us more about you please?
My name is Elma Godwin. I’m an On-air personality and actress whose work can mostly be seen on SPICE TV where I present the shows ‘Urban SPICE’ and the SPICE Red Carpet Show.
And as an actress, I made my first appearance in 2015 on AY’s skit “Use Your Head” and kicked off 2016 on the set of Brandon Jose and Yomi Black’s pure action movie “Bandits” scheduled.

2. How long have you been in the industry for?
– 3 years

3. Please tell EM readers briefly about your programmes on SpiceTV?
– SPICE Red Carpet show
The Red Carpet red carpet report is the place to tune into for the latest red carpet happening. Whether it’s Dolce or Da Silva, London, New York or Lagos, you can be rest assured SPICE TV will be there to bring the world of haute couture to your screens.
– Urban Spice
Urban Spice covers the most exciting events, launches, style musings to carnivals and celebrity car washes and what’s happening in Lagos!

4. As a presenter, what are your expectations?
I don’t expect anything really. I like to be surprised.

5. What differentiates you from other presenters?
I’ve got a white stripe on my head and they don’t.

6. In Nigeria and Africa as a whole, how do you think we are setting standards fashion wise?
Nigerians are very bold when it comes to fashion. We showcase this on runway, street style, red carpet and even social media. Now I think we are all beginning to appreciate home grown talent and we are seeing more Nigerians #buyniger Making Africa fashion a focus.

7. How do you define your style?
My style is playful and laidback to be honest.

8. What should viewers look out for from your programmes?
Expect a lot! They are new faces and new places around town, new designers and stores opening, where to go in the festive season when in Lagos and the most stylish stars on the red carpet.

9. What are the challenges you face as a presenter?
Every job has challenges but they can only make you better at your job and as a person.

10. What inspires you?
Family, friends, God and everything around me.

11. Any role model? NIL

12. What is the secret to staying “on top of the game” in the industry?
Focusing on my work and my business.

13. How have you been able to balance your lifestyle as an individual and a presenter even on SPICE TV?
Family time is family time. I find my balance spending time at home with my family.

1. My style is …Simple
2. I cannot live without… Being happy.
3. Fav fashion trick… . Wearing red lip stick to make my teeth look whiter.
4. Fav designer ….I love a lot of designers but they are mostly African designers.
5. One item every girl should own… A girl should have a classy black bag, red lipstick, hand cream all the time. A girl should have a lot of items with her
6.Next item on my wish list…House in Banana Island, Iphone 7, Brazilian Hair and plenty more Just kidding: material things come and go but being happy is always top of my wish list.
7. Last purchase … NIL
8. My fav boutique shop…. Elan Red in Nigeria.
9. My best shopping city….. London – I mostly shop online.
10. I feel most sexy when I am wearing…Heels
11. When I’m on the red carpet I like to…Strike a pose, Slay.
12. Fashion rule I live by…None
13. I am currently carrying …NIL
14. Name your favourite piece in your wardrobe…NIL
15. Signature accessories…. I always have a watch on!
16. What are you buying this season to update your look….I have buying a few flare pants, lately.
17. Who is the most stylish woman you have seen…Rihanna.
18. What are your beauty essentials?
19. Early style influencer…
20. How often do you repeat outfits…Very often actually, just pair them differently with different accessories. But some red carpet dresses I haven’t gotten another chance to wear them again.
21. Do you follow trends? Yes if it suits me or looks interesting, I’ll try it.
22. Fav. holiday destination and why. I love the Safari, and that’s why I only go on holiday to places with water. Kenya , Brazil, Seychelles etc.
23. Describe your ultimate party dress. Something easy to through on and comfortable for dancing because I just might never sit down in the party
24.How do you like your jewellery: statement or simple? It depends on the outfit I’m wearing
25. what’s your earliest fashion memory?: NIL


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