Can you tell us more about you please?
Apart from being a Spice TV Presenter, wife and mother, I’m also a Lawyer, Published author – The Cost of our Lives, YouTube star Vlogger – Ariyike Weekly and a Humanitarian. I have my own NGO – Ariyike Arise Initiative where we focus on issues affecting children and how to get solutions for these Problems. The next project we are working on is the #1000toys event where we plan to donate toys to Children who have none. We started off with Children in some parts of Lagos and Osun state at the end of November. It’s sad to see that some children have never owned toys before. We want this to change. I’m very passionate about issues that affect Children, Teenagers and Women. I love God. I love family. I like dancing; Playing Tennis and I like to draw. I am fun loving, I love hanging out with my family. Once a month, I have my “me” time where I pamper myself. I joke a lot but I can also be very serious, I don’t take life too seriously. I rarely get angry. I feel that the Power to overcome anger lies in the silence of your voice and the self control that makes you keep your fingers away from your phone at that instant second. My love for Television has been since my Childhood days. I remember growing up in the 80s, a lot of Children found the news very boring but I was always fascinated by the way the Presenters on NTA spoke. I enjoyed watching People like Frank Olize, Abike Dabiri, Ruth Benamaisia – Opia, Patrick Oke, Cyril Stober and others. Sometimes I would even mimic them in my own little corner. I am quite active on social media @LadyAriyike on twitter and Instagram. Stay glued to this magazine to find out more!

How long have you been in the industry for?
I have worked as a TV Presenter with Spice TV for 5 years. I started out hosting a Lifestyle show called Urban Spice. Later on, some beauty shows were added to my Portfolio – Instant Beauty Queen and Project Swan. I moved on to host the Luxury gadget show – Spice Toys and now I host the much talked about talk show – ON THE COUCH.

Please tell EM readers briefly about your programme? I host SPICE TV’S “ON THE COUCH”. The show is an interesting, no holds barred talk show where we discuss everything and anything possible in a laid back manner. The guests on the show usually consist of young, upwardly mobile Professionals, Media Personalities and Celebrities. It is always fun to watch and interesting to listen to our conversations where three guests and I relax, gist, dissect and give our unbiased opinions about the topic of discussion per episode. We talk about the things that affect us human beings. We mainly talk about Relationship matters – Love, Sex, Friendship, Social issues, Real Life stories, Lifestyle and much more.

As a presenter, what are your expectations? Hmmm!!! Can we talk more about the reality instead? People see you on TV and assume it’s all about wearing a pretty dress and talking about what you feel like talking about. Oh no it’s not that simple! In the real sense, you have to work very hard and plan properly so that you can connect with the People watching you. Before I became a Presenter, I had certain expectations of TV but when I got into the Industry I quickly began to realise that TV wasn’t the way I expected it to be. One of the things I look forward to is when our original African TV content will be aired on different foreign TV Platforms not on our African channels abroad but on channels that will have more dynamic viewers so that they can have a feel of our own content. I want us to be able to tell our own stories the proper way. We have so many interesting stories that the World needs to hear.

What differentiates you from other presenters? Every Presenter is unique in his/ her own way and everyone knows why they want to be on TV. However, my style of Presentation is very indigenous, laid back, fun, down to earth and 100 per cent Nigerian. Because of my Law background, I like to do my research before going on air and most importantly; when I’m on TV, I always make sure I inform, entertain, educate and connect with my audience. I want you to have learnt a thing or two after watching me. When I have guests on the show, I give them the opportunity to shine because guess what? I’m the Presenter/ host and I will be on the show the following week but the same guests wouldn’t be on, so I always make sure I allow everyone talk. I like to learn so I always update my skills with different short courses/ training on TV Presentation just to make sure that I am on top of my game. I love what I do and it is evident in my Presentation. This quote by Pele sums it all up: “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most all, love what you are doing”.

In Nigeria and Africa as a whole, how do you think we are setting standards fashion wise? Nigerians are setting standards globally in every field. African fashion pieces have become the “it” fashion items to own in the Fashion industry locally and internationally. Africa has a very rich culture and it is always so beautiful when our fashion designers incorporate the richness of our culture into their pieces. Back in the days, it was so “uncool” to wear clothes your tailor sewed but nowadays, you’ll be so proud to rock the Nigerian made fashion pieces from clothes to head bands to shoes to even handbags. The International fashion designers also make use of our “African inspired” local fabrics. When you think of African fashion, you’ll think of – beauty and colours. The African inspired fashion weeks all over the world are also making our African brands more visible as they showcase globally.

How do you define your style? My style is very Lady Ariyike like! I like to call it Timeless Elegance. It is a blend of simplicity and sophistication. I look at Pictures of myself 20 years ago and the clothes I wore back then would easily fit into this year. Maybe it’s because I do not follow trends and I’m happy and comfortable in whatever I wear.

What should viewers look out for from your programmes? Earlier on in 2016, we changed the set of the show and the feedback has been amazing. Viewers should look out for more sauce! We are going to make the show hotter than ever before.

What are the challenges you face as a presenter? As with any other job, there are always challenges when you have to work with People because everyone cannot have the same mindset and work ethics as you. Before I became a TV Presenter, I used to work as a Judicial Assistant (Lawyer) with the Lagos state judiciary and there were also challenges there. Once you know how to relate with People and understand the People you work with then all challenges would be more easily dealt with. In a creative space like the media world, When you have to work with People who are not passionate about their work and are only after their salaries then they will make your work difficult. At the end of the day, with the right attitude towards your work and love in your heart, you will rise above the challenges because you know your purpose in life and of course the show must always go on.

What inspires you? The source of my inspiration is fuelled by many things such as stories from my Bible, love, a healthy mind, art, travelling, People and the fact that I live by this quote: “Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder”. I get inspired when I inspire others. I’m inspired when I’m the reason for a smile on someone’s face. Inspiration comes naturally from the People and things around me because I pay close attention to People and I open up my heart to feel the inspiration that the average Person might miss. Everyone you meet can inspire you. It’s all as a result of your approach towards life.

Any role model? Well, I would say my mother – Mrs. Ladun Lawal, Oprah Winfrey and Ryan Seacrest. I hope I’ll get to meet and interview them someday.

What is the secret to staying “on top of the game” in the Industry? Be Original, Pray without ceasing, Stay Informed, Stay focused, Read, Stay humble, Keep learning, Network, Be accessible, Connect with your viewers, Be versatile, Be unpredictable and make sure you love what you do. Once you have found your God given talent and purpose, as long as you are dedicated and hardworking, you will do all that you can to make sure you succeed and stay on top of your game. I live by this quote by Pele that says “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most all, love what you are doing.

How have you been able to balance your lifestyle as an individual and a presenter even on SPICE TV? With God, all things are possible. I always tell People never to loose themselves in the process of trying to balance it all. One thing I don’t joke with is my own “me” time. At least, once a month, I make sure I do something fun just to keep my sanity. In trying to balance it all, I think I’m a good juggler so I can confidently say I try to juggle it all. In life, you have to set your priorities straight. Once you know who and what is important to you then you will always create time to make sure no aspect of your life suffers because of another. When I’m at work, I focus on delivering my lines properly and because I enjoy what I do, it doesn’t even seem like work. Once I get home and take off the wig and make up, my focus changes to being a fantastic Mother to my Kids and Wife to my husband. I have to do homework, gist with my Children and husband, cook, Pray with my family and still make out time to get on social media. I also have to make out time to keep in touch with my family and friends. The tricky part about being a TV Presenter is that you really have no days off because when others are on social media for the fun of it, you read a story online and you are looking for how to incorporate it into your TV Programme.
EM Style Q & A of ARIYIKE
1. My style is … Chic, comfy, timeless, elegant and classy.

2. I cannot live without… God

3. Fav fashion trick… How to elongate my legs when I dress up.

4. Fav designer ….Zac Posen

5. One item every girl should own…. A little black dress

6. Next item on my wish list… A Holiday

7. Last purchase … My Christian Louboutin shoes

8. My fav boutique shop…. Zara

9. My best shopping city….. London

10. I feel most sexy when I am wearing… A smile

11. When I’m on the red carpet I like to…SLAY!

12. Fashion rule I live by…Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever. – Ralph Lauren.

13 I am currently carrying … A Chanel bag

14. Name your favourite piece in your wardrobe…Too many favourite pieces!!!

15. Signature accessories…. Statement Neck pieces

16. What are you buying this season to update your look…. A

17. Who is the most stylish woman you have seen…Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the city (Sarah Jessica Parker)

18. What are your beauty essentials?

19: Early style influencer… In the 90s….Tia and Tamera from “Sister Sister”

20. How often do you repeat outfits…..Errrrrr!!!!! It depends on the outfit.

21. Do you follow trends? No.

22. Fav holiday destination and why. Dubai. Because it has all the things I love to do. I find it very relaxing, the hotel suites are beautiful, their beaches are captivating and the architecture is world class.

23: Describe your ultimate party dress. A Fringe dress

24: How do you like your jewellery: statement or simple? Statement

25: What’s your earliest fashion memory? Wearing my first crop top a few days after watching Janet Jackson rock hers in Poetic Justice.


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