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(How to Get Back Up in Your Business When Life Happens)

This has been a remarkable year for businesses with the pandemic, protests and poor economy. So many businesses have folded up and some who are still managing to stay alive feel like they are moving on three wheels instead of four.

As a business owner myself, I have dealt with the challenges that resulted because of this pandemic. Our Company lost some partnerships and funding due to the pandemic. When it happened, I felt lost and almost fell into depression.

However, in a time of meditation, a thought crossed my mind; we are going to come out of this better and stronger. This thought stayed with me through the challenging period and I was able to build on it and take three steps to get back up:

1. A new mindset:

I realized that the mindset that got me to where I was, was not going to take me out of the situation. I worked on myself and thoughts so I could see possibilities in the midst of the obstacles. This changed in mindset led to a change in attitude and gave me new motivation to come up with a new strategy.

2. A new strategy:

What we were facing was something we had not been through in the past, so I knew the old strategy would not work. We had to come up with a new strategy to get us from where we were to where we needed to be. With a clearer mind, I was able to recognize what we
were trying to achieve and find new ways to do it.

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3. Actions steps:

Once the new strategy was in place, we created action steps to bring the strategy to life. The steps had to be clear and easy to implement with milestones that we could monitor and hold ourselves accountable. My Co-founder and I had weekly meetings and kept a project roadmap to ensure we were monitoring our progress and meeting our

This process requires a level of discipline, faith and staying power to keep on going even when you don’t see immediate results. The good news is we were able to turn our business around by following this process and I hope you can apply it to turn yours around too.
I also have an upcoming workshop where I will take participants through this process to turn their situations around and attract more into their lives.

You can learn more about the workshop and register HERE.

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