Focus is simply removing all forms of distractions from whatever it is you are doing. It is making up your mind that you wouldn’t allow something that is not part of your goal or what you want to achieve distract you from what you want to do.
Focus can be attained when you do away with things, thoughts, and at times attitudes that divert our attention from our goals. There are so many things that can divert our attention such as our thoughts, devices, other people’s goals, etc.
Focus can bring about productivity, because with it; you will be able to put your attention on things you want to achieve and if you are not doing the things you need to do to achieve the goals you want, you can adjust.
Also, it can help remove ambiguity in actions and activities, because with having focus; you can pay attention to what you want to achieve, without paying attention to irrelevant things.
Focus makes you to put your attention on the things that are of priority to you and not the things that are of priority to other people, for instance, other people’s goals or aspirations.
Having focus in things we do can help in getting results out of those things. If you don’t have focus concerning where you are going, it can make something else derail you from what you want to do and make you go after things that you shouldn’t.
Focus should be applied to different areas of our lives; in our spiritual life, work, family, education, goals, and so on.

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