Balmain N306,000Jackets, one of fashion amazing invention for Mankind. This is none other but the best transformation code. The right pair of jacket can easily tone down or tan up your look in any kind of style, but again, in this part of the world, jackets are majorly neglected because the weather is on the hot side. So how can we make this work?
Avoid linings – there are a thousand amazing jackets without linings. This additional material increases the chances of getting hot.
One size a bit more- if you already have a thousand of these lining jackets and you cannot throw them away (I wouldn’t), you can alter the body fitting.
Feather fabrics- many make the mistake of pairing their jackets with tightly woven materials like cotton. It isn’t a fashion don’t but on this side of the world, the only person uncomfortable with the look would be you. Fabrics like chiffon, cheer, lace and many more are the best that would happen to you.
Even though a jacket highlights the outfit with a certain ‘umf’, it also can easily destroy the look. The right color, fitness and style are essential when shopping. Well tailored jackets are also a must. So remember to always try that jacket you saw on the mannequin before swiping your card.

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