When I started my weightloss… I struggled for 2 years, practising trial and error, learning and unlearning… I finally figured it out, most of it (lol). And I’ll love to share 3 things you need to know to jump start your fitness journey, so you can avoid the pitfalls.

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1. Eating Carbs Won’t Make You Fat

There’s good carbs and there’s bad carbs. Good carbs will make you feel full, eliminate cravings from your system and regulate you blood sugar. It s extraordinary side effects include loss of the desire to binge.

Bad carbs (refined) will make you fat of course, white bread, white rice, sweets and fast food will jeopardize your fitness goals and put you on a roller coaster of eating, craving and eating some more.

Eat the right kinds of carbs, at the right time for maximal fitness results.

2. Fats Don’t Necessarily Make You Fat

Though Fat is its name, so many people run away from it, but fats and oil is one of the major building blocks of a balanced diet. Learn to take natural fats, stay away from high cholesterol fats and fats with chemicals and preservatives. Avoid trans fat and your body will thank you for a balanced diet.

When you eat the right fats, the right way, your metabolism rate will increase, your body will produce more fat burning hormores and you will lose weight faster. Example of good fatsa re Avocado, Coconut oil and Almonds.

3. Weight Training Will not Make a Woman Look Like a Man, Or a Man Look Like a Beast

Weight training has been abused and castigated so often in our circles because people see some people looking “funny” and assume that it’s the weights that caused it.

Ladies, you do not have testosterone, the hormone that causes muscles to bulge that much in men, so if you lift the same weights as a man, the only way you will look as muscular as him is if you take steroids. So stay away from the steroids, make friends with the irons in your gym and watch yourself transform.

Guys, it is even more disappointing to see a man go to the gym only to use the thread mill and go back home… tone those muscles and serve the best version of yourself everytime.

As a runner, If you want to get rid of the stubborn fat, once and for all, or gain some curves to a lean body, then you must weight train.

Coach B

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