A key to great art and music is harmony and unison; the same balance can be applied to daily appearance and wardrobe. Ensuring every detail is on point and as seamless as possible guarantees success and stress-free living. Superb style is for any budget! Here are a few key ingredients to a phenomenal wardrobe.
Wearing the best colours for your complexion is one of the greatest ingredients to looking great. In the right colours, blemishes and wrinkles soften, revealing a natural glow many will spends thousands to obtain. You will even look like a million while running errands in casual clothing.
For the lady with a warm complexion, she will look fabulous in bronze, gold, and orange. Think of deep rubies and glowing sunsets. The warmth of the colours will enhance the natural highlight in the skin and youth in appearance. (Tip: Rocking a gele in the metallic shades of the outfit is a way to bring modernity to tradition)


These style keys also apply to gentlemen, as this set reveals. Knowing which colour accessories and ties look best will ensure shorter shopping trips and a successful life in the office and beyond. (Yes, it is that serious.)


For those with a cooler complexion, silver is your best bet. Icy pink, navy, and periwinkle may look unsuspecting, but they will bring your eye and skin colour to life. It may be challenging to find these colours among vibrant hues, but it will be well worth the effort.


Although grey has been a great classic choice in suiting, feel free to transfer the power of cool into your casual wear. With a combination of harmonious additions, you will look fresh every time.4

Edits by StyleitKell, Beauty and fashion contributor.

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