Gentlemen, have the executives overlooked you and given your mate the big promotion? Has your girlfriend or wife hinted at your need to dress up more often? In career and love, your appearance matters. Love is a two-way street; it isn’t fair to focus on your wife’s looks (and behavior) and forget your own. To attract the best and land that big promotion, please stay tuned for more details.

Fashion - Two-Way Street Gents 1
Go for the Gold-I cannot stress this point enough: A fresh haircut and edge-up is an instant winner. Go from grass to grace instantly with the right barber and a few tools for at-home maintenance. A quality barber who can “go with the grain” as they cut (follow the direction your hair as it grows) and help your hair form waves is a plus. The end goal of any texture, however, is to have neat, well-groomed hair.

Fashion - Two-Way Street Gents 2
For gents with locs, moisturized and well-maintained hair is so important. Men sporting the bald look with beards are near-legendary at this point, but to make your look unforgettable to her, maintain well-groomed facial hair.

Fashion - Two-Way Street Gents 3
Making Waves- Shampoo and condition your hair with quality products (affordable ones are usually the best). Follow up with a hair pomade or curl-enhancing moisturizer and brush your hair in the same direction it grows out of the scalp. If you use pomade, shampoo your hair three times a week to prevent product build-up. Invest in a wave cap and wear overnight (or until your hair dries) after brushing and begin to see a difference in your looks. In your spare time, brush your hair and it will look better and better. It takes time but is so worth it.

Fashion - Two-Way Street Gents 4
Global appeal- Brothers, did you know the promotion may be in your hands…literally? People expect men to moisturize their skin just like women (minus the glitter). Your CV may be on point, but if they need someone to represent them in international meetings, this one reason alone will influence their decision elsewhere. Applying deodorant and lotion (unscented is fine) before dressing up will help people to realize you care about how you look and increase their respect for you. These few steps often make the difference in who earns and maintains the top career (and desired wife). Your mates have the same skill level, so you need to show your capability beyond the CV and interview.

Around the Clock- Even in casual jeans and a T-shirt, the idea is to look as neat and clean as possible. When working out, looking your best still matters. It’s better to be wise with affordable items than unsure with expensive. On any budget, color-coordinating clothes is a no-brainer for looking good. (No Stress: Make the most of your budget by saving money and sticking with affordable soap instead of spending all your money on expensive clothing and cologne.) Style soundtrack: Trip Lee’s “Too Cold”

StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor

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