The Hallelujah Challenge has ended, but Olowogbogboro has been working all along and still is! Here are a few ways to represent Jesus’ Outstretched Hand in your daily style!

1. Blessed and Highly Favored- Yes, He gave you a lot to flaunt, but do you think The Good Lord wants you to showcase it all to the world? God forbid. A cinched waist is a major key to celebrating your God-given curves without hurting His feelings and in turn, your own. Metallic belts and wrap dresses help represent Him first and your style second.

Fashion - Divine Inspiration 1
2. The Attention Grab- Hair color is another cool way to refresh your personal style, but who does your style celebrate more: God or yourself? In place of the overtly bold, opt for sophisticated tones that you can reflect in your wardrobe such as burgundy or an elegant mid-to-deep ruby red.

Fashion - Divine Inspiration 2
3. Live Out Loud- Jesus is for the fashionista and rock star guy alike. Your attitude and lifestyle should reflect Him even if you have no Jesus-inspired pieces, but they are great to have on hand. Add meaning to your jacket with stylish pins or spice up a casual outfit with a fresh jewelry or a graphic tee that hails The Savior.

Fashion - Divine Inspiration 3
Your Turn! Please share your #Olowoogbogboro outfits with a testimony of how His Hand is blessing your life! #StayConnected ? @exquisitemagazinenig @styleitkell #EMLikes #Styleitkell #FashionForward

Fashion - Divine Inspiration 4
StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor

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