Fashion - Color Code 1
I began writing about knowing your best colors, but without the fundamentals it is not possible. So, allow me to introduce you to your new best friend: the color wheel.

(Color wheel photo: credit to original owner)
The chart from art classholds answers many of life’s greatest style challenges.

One of the greatest keys to a dazzling outfit is knowing how to use color. Before we delve into ideal colors, let’s discover how to use the colors we already have in our closets.

For those new (or not-so-new) to all things style, one of the best ways to succeed early is knowing complementary colors. These are opposites on the color wheel (green and red, for example). When properly applied, these awesome duos make a vibrant team!(Hairstylist tip: Red neutralizes unwanted green tones in the hair.)

Fashion - Color Code 2
Another example is blue and orange. Equal parts cool and exciting, this is a stunning combo to wear on date night.

Purple and yellow are both fun and unforgettable. This is a fun combo for nights out with friends or a youthful touch of whimsy.

Fashion - Color Code 3
StyleItKell, beauty and fashion contributor

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