By Dr Solomon Adams.

We just love a beautiful proposal don’t we? Romantic and creative proposal videos become viral at the speed of light these days. This is such a beautiful way to tell the world that this is the person that you can’t love without. And the weddings…Oh the wedding!!! Their pomp and circumstance and glamour. These days this has to be the most extravagant event of the decade.

Pulling out all the stops! “Stops” that some can afford and some cannot, but do it anyway. So, what happens after the honeymoon? Are the fireworks still there? If not, then why? We’ve all seen it before and some of us may even be living it. Here are a few explanations for why you can have the unforgettable proposal…the fabulous wedding…the horrible marriage.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Was your biological clock ticking and you got tired of people (even yourself) asking why you’re 30-something and not married (and have a baby). Whether you want to admit or not, we are human. We are affected by what people think of us. We live in a society that thinks that if you have not gotten married or given birth to a child by a certain age, you are less than a woman. Therefore, some women get married for this reason alone – to prove to the world and themselves that there is nothing wrong with them. So that they can be “complete”. Sadly, the outcome of unions like this rarely ever fair well.

Convenience. The case of the right time and the right situation, but just the wrong person. We often call this a marriage of convenience. (S)he’s your high school/college sweetheart and everyone else outside of your relationship thinks they know how YOUR relationship should pan out. It feels great to have the world rooting for you, but you both know the real truth.

How about this one: She’s successful and beautiful. You’re the ultimate “accomplished bachelor”. You look great together, have a few things in common and you’re convinced that you will grow to love each other?

What do you think happens when you two decide to get married? Yeah…you know the rest.(S)he has potential. Really?! Are you really that arrogant to assume that you are powerful enough to CHANGE someone so that they meet your standards?“He’s really nice, but his teeth are jacked up…I can change that.”“She’s fine, a good cook, but a little ghetto…I can change that.”“He’s not fond of children, but he will eventually fall in love with my little pumpkin.”

Marriage Crisis

Do yourself a favor. If you have intentions of being with someone for the long haul, accept them for who they are ALREADY! Not for who you you think you can magically morph them into becoming.

Living in a fairy tale. Being happily married is a reality. Especially, when two people truly love each other, are more than just merely compatible, and are committed to making it work. However, unmet expectations lead to disappointment, resentment and trouble. If you expect that your marriage is going to be almost perfect like that of a romance novel or a major motion picture, you are setting yourself up for failure. Be realistic. Go into your union knowing that just like your relationship PRIOR to marriage, there will be ups and downs.

Truth is, if a lot of us stop settling for the mediocre or the first S.O.S boat that sails past “Desperate Island”, we would be better off finding a mate that is TRULY for us. It’s not easy finding Mr. or Ms. Right, but if you take time to get to know and understand yourself, you will eventually find Ms. or Mr. “Right-for-you”.

What are some other reasons why so many marriages fail? My Beautiful Heart’s out there simply tell me what is d Stress in Having Magical Proposal & Elaborate Wedding then a Failed Marriage that All Pack up within 2yrs?

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