LAWRENCE OMO-IYARE (an elite gospel music video director) and the founder of Club X International (a gospel entertainment missionary) celebrates his birthday by sharing with the World his GRACE EXPERIENCE WITH GOD.

It’s my birthday today and I am so grateful for the “GRACE” of “GOD” that has kept me walking in the path of constant and increasing success.
My experience with the grace of the father has taught me so many things. Grace taught me to be patient, grace taught me to see beyond limits, grace taught me to walk in love, to see the best in myself and in people even those that consistently hurt, offends and disappoint me. Grace taught me NOT to see anyone less or put people in categories of association. Grace taught me that everyone will always have the opportunity to learn, grow and improve their Spiritual life. So, you can never judge anyone based on their past, present or future mistakes/wrong doings because GRACE is always there to channel in a transformation for any man.
My GRACE experience has built in me a depth of boiling LOVE for the father; such that makes me always want to please him and fulfill his call and purpose for my life. It has birthed in me the ability to look beyond all short comings, focusing on producing the best of me and those around me. Grace has given me the ability to go beyond boarders and do BIG things for God!

Yes, THE GRACE OF THE FATHER overflows towards everyone including YOU!

God is kind and gracious for it is his nature!

Happy Birthday to me and all my birthday mates all around the world. I love you all.

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