Maria is an O.A.P extraordinaire with the Radio station BEAT FM. She is a charmer, one can tell with the sound of her voice, hence her additional “Mic handling” role of events host. Maria’s style is always simple, sometimes subtle yet adorable. She believes that every lady should own “SELF ESTEEM”.
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1. My style is …Maria. Simple, eye-catching and classy

2. I cannot live without… food

3. Fav fashion trick…. re-rocking a dress as a top

4. Fav designer…. Too many to mention

5. One item every girl should own… Self esteem!

6. Next item on my wish list… A bag

7. Last purchase … Shoes

8. My fav boutique shop…. None

9. My best shopping city….. London and Barcelona

10. I feel most sexy when I am wearing…Black

11. When I’m on the red carpet I like to…not wear floor length gowns. It makes me hot and sweaty

12. Fashion rule I live by… Wear what suits your figure

13 I am currently carrying…Hair brush, floss picks, hair straighteners, headphones and random bits of paper

14. Name your favourite piece in your wardrobe…A High waist blue denim jeans

15. Signature accessories…. Huge gold hoop earrings

16. What are you buying this season to update your look…. A bag

17. Who is the most stylish woman you have seen… My mother

18. What are your beauty essentials? Vaseline and Olay

19: Early style influencer… TLC

20. How often do you repeat outfits… Every week

21. Do you follow trends? If it suits my figure and I like it

22. Fav holiday destination and why. Barcelona. The food and fashion! From clothes, to shoes, to beauty. It’s a bit cheaper than Lagos and London too.

23: Describe your ultimate party dress. Fitted, multi-fabric and not too long

24: How do you like your jewellery: statement or simple? Statement

25: What’s your earliest fashion memory?
Buying black and silver Air Max Nike trainers after saving up on my 16th birthday. They were extremely popular in London at the time, but all my friends had white ones. I bought into the trend, but I was fashion forward with it by getting a colour that no one had. Everyone loved them, guys and girls.

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