The ELOY Awards are over, but ELOY Style lasts all year. If you’re allowed the mid-year slump to stop your style, there is still time to slay. It is never too late to change: the time is now. Here are a few ways to start 2018 out with a bang!

1. Keeping it Haute- Avant-garde style is always fresh and unforgettable. For art gallery visits, play up stark contrasts and keep it chic with a one-of-a-kind fragrance. The artwork won’t be the only sight to see!

EM STYLE - Keep it Exquisite 1

2. Surprise, surprise- Date night never gets old. Wow your husband all over again with a sassy dress and a romantic scent to match! Remix classic patterns with a sleek cut and make it all yours. Keep him guessing with a new hairstyle; a fresh, flirty bob may do the trick!

EM STYLE - Keep it Exquisite 2

3. No chill- Casual days at the office does not have to equal rolling out of bed and forgetting style. Keep it upscale and impress the executives with a polished appearance and creative touches to ensembles. Skip the usual boxy, structured suits for satin blouse. Switch up the typical wool item with a leather skirt. Make every moment in your career count!

EM STYLE - Keep it Exquisite 3

StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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