EM FASHION - Styled by You 1

Putting a chic spin on the boldest styles only takes a few steps- and your innate creativity. To make a statement all your own, stay tuned!

1. Rocker chic- For the everyday rockstar, take the two dominant colors in the tartan and play them up in your accessories. Step two: switch it up! Take a dominant theme in the style and refine it. In this case, replace sky-high chunky boots with lower ones and sharply studded accessories with sharply angled earrings. (Take it up a notch with on-trend ear jackets.)

EM FASHION - Styled by You 2

2. Out of this world style- For the boldest of Exquisite readers, take your style to infinity and beyond with galactic goals! Deep, starry metal tones against cool neutrals will instantly take your imagination into outer space. Rethink structured art by wearing it; embossed leather in abstract shapes makes a major statement without tons of color (which is also great for strikingly monochromatic outfits). Seal this look with cosmic-ready sunglasses and enjoy the fashion journey!

EM FASHION - Styled by You 3

3. Holographic scene- Join the iridescent squad with the latest trend: holographic chic! For those grown enough to remember what a VCR is, consider applying this trend to a few accessories at a time. Rock stylish shoes and opalescent eye color with a shimmering blouse based on one of the colors in the holographic item. This is a cool way to extend trendy multi-colored pieces. (Amplify your ‘fit: play up uncommon shapes in the outfit with a one-of-a-kind clutch.)

EM FASHION - Styled by You 1

StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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