Oh, what a time to be alive! To see so many fantastic feats: “Black Panther” global premiere, the most African athletes participating in The Winter Olympics, and Team Nigeria also staking historical claim-all during Black History Month! Each of our beloved bobsled and skeleton racers are truly beautiful and making a massive mark on the globe while remembering their roots. Be inspired in life and style by these lovely ladies!

1. Zoom like Seun- Yoruba beauty Seun Adigun is showing us how to fly like a rocket-on ice! The unique sport of bobsled (or bobsleigh) is all about speed, agility, and intricate skill and she leads a team that has what it takes to win! When she isn’t achieving double degrees, she also makes sure to succeed in the style department. A rich skin tone like Ms. Adigun’s benefits from rich moisturizers and moisturizing lip color in shimmering hues, especially in cold climates.

EM FASHION - Naija Sleighs! 1

2. Ngozi the Knock-out- The gorgeous athlete of Umuchima, Imo State extraction is multi-faceted with no signs of stopping! From the track to ice, this athlete also loves music and hairstyles that change every time she appears on television or online. Switch it up like Ms. Onwumere with Natural textured styles and fun hair colors that bring a glow to the skin.

EM FASHION - Naija Sleighs! 2

3. Slay like Simi- The first ever African female Olympic skeleton athlete has shown pride in her Ekiti State roots in so many creative ways. Skeleton may sound scary, but don’t fret: it’s another speedy skill of racing down icy paths, except while head first on a small sled. Her fearless attitude is also seen in her style! From cool nail designs to awesome beaded hairstyles, this winter sports star’s style has won over the hearts of people worldwide. Be inspired by adding a splash of heritage into your daily outfits, no matter the climate!

EM FASHION - Naija Sleighs! 3

4. Cool like Akuoma- Ms. Omeoga celebrates her Umuahia roots with bold bravery and her hair follows suit! In cold temperatures, it is easy to neglect your hair, but this stunning star refuses to forgo looking good! Vibrant hair color requires intense deep-conditioning and serious care. Protective hairstyling is a great way to show versatility while traveling and focusing on big dreams.

EM FASHION - Naija Sleighs! 4

BY: StyleItKell, Beauty and style contributor

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