2016 so far has been a phenomenal year for women all around the world.

We have seen the 1st ever Female US Presidential Candidate, the 1st Female UK Prime Minister in power since the late 80s, the 1st Nigerian Female President of a major US television network, the 1st Female Nigerian Chancellor and let’s not forget the female athletics in Rio, the Nigerian Female rower, who was exceptional at the Olympics.
It’s that time again when we as a community welcome & recognise a new host of brilliantly skilled women who are making an impact in their respective industries.

It’s time to applaud their tenacity, guts and passion.

It’s time to lift them up so that one day you too will be lifted up by the people whose lives you have impacted on.

It’s time for the 8th edition of the Exquisite Ladies of the Year (ELOY) Award.

Criteria for Nominee
The criteria for the ELOY Award focus on the character of the individual, her ability and achievements and how her work impacts the Nigerian society.
Must have proven record of:
1. Direct leadership: responsible for duties of others in a business environment. The leadership ability to affect human behaviour and accomplish a mission. Must be capable of influencing people to achieve set goals.
2. Indirect leadership: she has earned respect of others due to past or current achievements
3. Service: has helped colleague, associates to grow, develop and achieve goals and given assistance to the community.
4. Commitment: shows a level of dedication to her goals and ability to achieve them
5. Achievement: shows evidence of growth in her business or profession.
6. Integrity: must act according to values, beliefs and principles that shape the future for the better. Actions of integrity.
7. Character: meeting her responsibilities and being a good Nigerian.

ELOY awards (winner chosen by public and judges)
1. Female Photographer
2. Female in Beauty (Make Up/Hair Stylist)
3. TV Actress (TV and Home videos)
4. Actress Big Screen (movies at the cinema)
5. Female Fashion Designer
6. Female Movie Producer/Film
7. Female Columnist/Writer (books and or newspapers, print and or online)
8. Female YOUTUBER (Vlog) Lifestyle, Fashion, Beauty, Motivation
9. Female Music Artist
10. Female On Air Personality
11. Female Accessory Designer
12. Female TV Presenter
13. Female Fashion Stylist
14. Banks that Support Women

ELOY Ladies who Inspire Awards (winner chosen by JUDGES

1. The ELOY Awards for Ladies who inspire in Agriculture (achievements in the agricultural field, as a farmer and or Entrepreneur)
2. The ELOY Awards for Ladies who inspire in Education (achievements in the education sector at any level)
3. The ELOY Awards for Ladies who inspire in Oil and Gas ( achievements in the any Oil and Gas sector, upstream, downstream, sales, engineers and more)
4. The ELOY Awards for Ladies who inspire Start Up (someone who has set up a successful business that is at least one year old)
5. The ELOY Awards for Ladies who inspire Lady to watch (up and coming under 30 in any field or category)
6. The ELOY Awards for Ladies who inspire Pioneer (Trailblazer who has made an astonishing breakthrough in her field)
7. The ELOY Awards for Ladies who inspire Humanitarian / Charity / Community work (someone who has made a difference to a community or charity)
8. The ELOY Awards for Ladies who inspire Sports (achievements in sports during the ELOY year Nov 2015 to date and the Olympics will be considered).

The time is now to send in your nominations across a range of categories to be scrutinised by our judges. Nominations for ELOY Awards category ends on the 25th of September 2016. Nominations for the Ladies Who Inspire category ends on the 2nd of November 2016. #eloyawards2016 #myexquisitelady #allwomenareworthcelebrating

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