When she isn’t busy posting fresh content and showing fans how to redefine their style, footwear extraordinaire Lola “Loib Dressy” Ajagbe shows men and women how to put their best foot forward in her chic and stylish slippers. Read on to learn about this “fashionpreneur” and what inspires her namesake shoe line.

STYLEITKELL: Thank you for granting this interview! For new fans out there, what would you like them to know about Loib Dressy Footwear?

LOVE AJAGBE: Loib Dressy is a multidimensional and upcoming Nigerian brand that deals in style blogging, fashion styling and handmade footwear. Loib Dressy as a brand started on May 28th, 2014 which was mainly a fashion blog before bringing in other branches (fashion styling and handmade footwear). The footwear line was launched on October 8th, 2016. Loib Dressy footwear line deals in unique and quality sandals and slippers for males and females.
Designer Dossier of Loib Dressy 1
STYLEITKELL: Awesome! What inspires your designs?

LOLA AGBAJE: God is my source of inspiration. As a fashion stylist, one needs to take the risk of putting together two or more “incompatible” things to become “compatible”, which is also called creativity. So I love reflecting that “styling” aspect of me when making my designs by playing with colors, using unique accessories, and so on.

STYLEITKELL: You are known for producing high-quality, long-lasting Nigerian footwear that people can’t wait to purchase. How do you think your brand inspires other brands to also produce top of the line products?

LOLA AGBAJE: Quality is always beautiful and good things attract people.

STYLEITKELL: How do you manage to stay true to yourself in the fast-paced world of fashion?

LOLA AGBAJE: Originality and Contentment are my “watch words”.
Designer Dossier of Loib Dressy 2

Designer Dossier of Loib Dressy 3

Designer Dossier of Loib Dressy 4
STYLEITKELL: What is the greatest word of advice you have for aspiring designers?

LOLA AGHAJE: They should step out in faith! They don’t need to have a large sum of money before implementing a business idea. And once they step out, they should be themselves and be their own competitor.

STYLEITKELL: Wise words indeed! Where can we see more of Loib Dressy and these sleek designs?

LOLA AGBAJE: We can reach us on

INSTAGRAM: @loibdressy_handmade
FACEBOOK: Loib Dressy
BLOG: www.loibdressy.com

Photography Credit: BANJYTE IMAGERY || @banjyteimagery
StyleItKell, beauty and style contributor

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