The final day of the Heineken Lagos fashion week was one for the books! A grand finale in every sense of the word.  It was a gathering of Nigerian fashion stakeholders, from fashion designers to bloggers, press, and enthusiast. The runway shows transported the guests into a world of fantasy and desire, show after show, the guests were left wanting more.

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Here are some of the highlights:

Mai Atafo/Atafo

The Mai Atafo brand announced its official rebranding and a new name “Atafo”, with a new collection. The brand showed off the collection with a live music band playing as the models walked the runway. The designs displayed included female; pantsuits, trousers, tops with big bows on one side, blazer dresses, dresses with big bows and slits on the sides, men’s;  shirts, trousers, suits, and caps. It was a beautiful assortment of colours, ranging from warm, neutral, and cool colours.

Style Temple

In usual style temple fashion, the show-stopping designs showcased consisted of shirt dresses with puffy sleeves & oversized dress, trousers, skirts, tops, blazers, jumpsuits, etc. Sequin made a come back in this collection and the major colour of the outfits was white.


This collection displayed an array of print fabrics, along with lace, linen and cotton fabrics. The outfits consisted of jackets, trousers, tops, skirts with slits in the middle and on the sides, long and midi dress, etc.

Ugo Monye

Solidarity was the keyword of this collection. The outfits resembled what soldiers in the middle eastern part of the world wore in medieval times. The designs included headdresses, shirts, trousers, medal pins, berets, etc. The crowd went wild as Big Brother Nigeria housemates Teddy A, IKE and Mike stormed the runway for Ugo Monye.

Adama Paris

Sequin is really making a come back, as it shows up yet again in this collection. Other fabrics used include lace, cotton and linen. The designs comprised of long, short & medium length dresses, skirts, tops, crop tops, wide-leg pants, etc.

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