Cars and Fashion have always detailed an enduring love affair; they explore the relationship between two forms, commerce and cultural value; this relationship tethers on the concise understanding of the lines that connect these two forms, creating a language of style to invigorate beliefs, perceptions and ideas.
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mfw4uto (lead dealers of Toyota in Nigeria) and Linda Ikeji TV this year will continue its deep commitment to the fashion industry as the Official Automotive as well as media Partners respectively of the MENSWEAR FASHION WEEK NIGERIA (MFWN) for October 13- 15 2017.

mfw7unity and underscore its support of the industry, Germaine Auto intends to blur the lines between the fluid flowing world of fashion and engineered world machines (automobile), creating a unique structural aesthetic all of its own.

Germaine Auto with its partnership of the Men’s Fashion Week Nigeria will also be leveraging on this platform to debut the new #Drive fashion campaign by championing the emerging talent awards at the MENS FASHION WEEK NIGERIA 2017.

As sewing is to clothes, so is modification to automobiles. Germaine autos, the forefront of automotive industrialization, depict refinement as a prerequisite to suit your very own driving style, abreast knowing your fashion. At Germaine motors, you drive your style!


mfw9ropelled by an incredible drive to take their place amongst other global leaders, particularly in regards to men’s fashion, some of Africa’s most creative talents would be showcasing brilliance and style at the #MFWN 2017.

We invite discerning, men with great style to take the wheels and chart a course that’s distinctly theirs. Lets Drive!!!

Photography: Seyi @trans4mazfotography
Artistic Director / Styling: Worldcharming Smart Courage @infoworldcharming
Designer: Samuel Elendu @sammielle_couture
Creative Director: Santiago Robert @amsantiagorobert

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