The beauty industry has fallen in love with the 90s and a lot of trends from that era have begun to resurface, from shoulder bags to scrunchies, headbands, ponytail hairdo, waist bags and now hair clips.

The return of the hair clips trend is gradually gaining momentum, as hair influencers have started incorporating them into their daily looks and hair brands are retailing them along with their hair products.

These 2019 hair clips are characterized mostly by pearls and gemstones. They come in various sizes, geometric shapes, and colors.

Buy or Regret: Hair Clips Are Back In Trend! 1

When wearing these new hair clips, the idea is to wear as many in your hair as you possibly can. When worn right, it usually turns out really beautiful and can make you long to have yours.

Hair clips are really pretty and they give off a very happy, girly, and nostalgic vibe. They can go with almost every outfit and they are are a huge boost especially when you’re trying to turn a casual/ordinary look into a chic look.

Buy or Regret: Hair Clips Are Back In Trend! 2

You can expect to see more of this trend in the coming months, especially during the festive season, which is the best time to get on board this trend before it goes away for another decade or more.

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