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NHS defines Body odour as “the unpleasant smell produced by bacteria on the skin that break down the acids in your sweat .The medical term is bromhidrosis”.
It was also stated that “anyone who has reached puberty can produce body odour, as this is when the apocrine sweat glands develop, which produce the sweat that bacteria can quickly break down. Men are more likely to have body odour, because they tend to sweat more than women”. In Africa especially Nigeria when an individual has a strong body odour it is believed that the proper care given during the earliest months since birth was missing hence the foul smell.

Asides Body odour, mouth odour is also as serious as the previous and can be a major turnoff for people. It is important to know that before any physical contact is extended, this smell once noticed can trigger a slightly unpleasant reaction. In the corporate World it is also as important to know that these are one of the many factors that can make or mar a business deal as well as build a relationship.

Many factors affect this but in the same vein some people do not take the necessary precaution as they avoid being conscious of it. Men are not exempted from this but rather more relevant due to their internal body structure and nature.


1) Regular shower- the rainy season is here and due to the sometimes cold weather, some people may find it reluctant to have a bath after the day’s task, hustle and bustle. Do not forget that a lot of activities have transpired with the period of time you had to work and having a stale stink build up can send a bad signal. It is rule number one and cannot be over emphasized.
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2) Have control over the kind of intake we consume- In some parts of the world, there are some people that have been given a stigma with smell simply because of the nature of food, spices they take in that causes foul smell i.e. Garlic. As good and healthy as such spices are they should be moderated because the result of the consumption after digesting them still escapes through the glands as well as air(through the mouth)

3) Weight- an overweight person has the higher risk of having “B.O”, because there is minimal airflow from the multiple skin folds. It is important to make sure that ones body mass index (BMI) is in line.

4) Light, free and comfortable clothes- in a bid to look good and create a fashion statement we forget that there are texture of materials that can be quite uncomfortable or not befitting a certain purpose. It is important to wear clothes made from cotton especially to enable free flow of air around our body
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5) Fragrances- it is important to have strong and nice fragrances such as body spray, deodorant and perfumes. Sometimes having air fresheners too helps in

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