1) Can you please tell us more about you?

My name is Tolani Aremu. I am the head MUA and CEO of ArtistrybyTolani. I was born in Nigeria but I spent a great part of my childhood in the US. I have a degree in Business Management and Masters degrees in Business Management (MBA) as well. I worked in corporate America for several years until I decided to turn my passion into a full-time Business. I worked for MAC Cosmetics in the states and attended loads of masterclasses to further my craft

2) How long have you been in the industry?

About 10 yrs

3) Please tell EM readers briefly about what you do? I am the head MUA and CEO of ArtistrybyTolani. I own a makeup studio and cosmetic line that consists of makeup brushes, beauty blenders, and eyelash extensions. 

4) What differentiates you from other Makeup Artists?

I guess it would have to be the fact that I’m more of a production artist. In other words. I work mostly on production sets for TV, movies, music videos, photoshoots, etc


1. MY BEAUTY REGIMEN… I drink loads of water, I exercise 4-6 times a week, I try to keep a clean diet as much as possible and I always make sure I wash and moisturize my face every morning and night. 

2. WHAT I DO FOR INNER HEALTH… I’m definitely a proponent of protecting my peace and happiness at all times. It’s important to surround yourself with good and positive energy.


  • Maintain a clean diet as much as possible
  • Exercise and drink water, your skin will thank you for it.


  • A good foundation and powder
  • A fabulous pair of Velvet LashesQ

5. WHATS IN MY MAKEUP BAG… My makeup bag has EVERYTHING lol but my touch up bag has:

  • Various shades of nude lippies and glosses
  • Touch up powder
  • My go-to brown lip liner 


  • My “PrettyPink” makeup brushes. They provide great product application, feel good on your skin and last a really long time 
  • Velvet lashes – lashes are super fun and they really complete your makeup look. Plus, we have 8 amazing styles to chose from so you’re definitely spoilt for choice
face beat by @artistry_by_tolani

7. FAV SKINCARE PRODUCT AND WHY… Dior Capture Youth . I love how helps my skin recover overnight and how supple it makes my skin look/feel in the morning 

8. FULL ON MAKEUP OR NATURAL MAKEUP… I’m fine with both. I think people should do what works best for them 


9. YOUR QUICK MAKEUP REMOVAL TIP… I just use Neutrogena makeup wipes and use a scrub after 

10. FAV SPA TREATMENT AND WHY… A 60-minute full-body massage because it’s relaxing 

11. FAV SCENT AND WHY… Le Labo. I love anything sandalwood 

12. HAIR CARE TIPS AND WHY… I try to keep my scalp clean and moisturized as often as possible


13. FAV HAIRCARE PRODUCTS… Kim Kimble hair care products 

14. WIGS OR WEAVE… Wigs 

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