Sometimes we have things to do and we procrastinate about them which lead to us not doing those things, these tips can help you in reducing procrastination:
1. Be disciplined about completing your tasks in time: you need to be disciplined and make up your mind that you have to complete a task at the time you need to.

2. Do away with distractions: you need to identify the things that distract you and do away with them. When you are able to identify them, then you can know when you are about to get distracted and instead of allowing yourself to be distracted, you can focus on what you are doing. The distractions could come from your gadgets, irrelevant thoughts, etc.

3. Have the reason why you want to accomplish the task in mind: when you think about the reasons you need to complete a certain task, the benefits and importance, you might become more motivated to do the task.

4. Don’t give laziness a chance: laziness will make you procrastinate, and you might end up not doing the things you wanted to do. Avoid being lazy.

5. Reward yourself for completing tasks: it could be with little gifts for yourself or a relaxing time after you complete the task. Knowing that you will reward yourself after completing a task might motivate you to start the task.

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