Alessandro Michele Showcased His Off-the-wall Gucci collection at Milan Fashion Week


When the audience took their seats in Gucci’s operating theatre catwalk – which was decorated in “scrubs” turquoise with an operating table and the soundtrack of a heart monitor- they weren’t sure what to expect.

This was quite a departure stage set wise, from the embroidered carpeted runways and museum discos which Alessandro Michele has presented his recent collections in.

Amongst the signature eclectic tile print dresses, androgynous trouser suits, and statement slogan sweatshirts, models were carrying some curious items….a few cradled reptiles, including a chameleon, the red and white “Gucci” coral snake now synonymous with the brand, and a baby dragon. All were so lifelike that it was only the latter mythical creature which gave them away as being fake.

Some carried severed heads of their own likeness. Others, perhaps unsurprisingly, given that the name of the collection was ‘Cyclops’, had an extra prosthetic eye on their foreheads.

In true Gucci form, every look was completely different, but the mood of the models was very much the same.

But even with the quirkiness, make no mistake that this was a commercial collection. As well as the accessories – big news next season will be chunky embellished trainers – there were plenty of red carpet-worthy sequin gowns as well.

By Karah Adu

Credit: Hannah Rochel

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