The 91st Academy Awards which took place on the 24th of February, at the Dolby Theatre, Los Angeles, California was a night to remember.

I watched it on television from the comfort of my bedroom on Tuesday the 26th of February at about 11 pm and I was blown away. The entire show screamed “EXCELLENCE”.

Style galore At The Academy Awards

Beyond the Fashion; trust me, there was no shortage of exquisitely styled women, dazzling jewelry and accessories of all types, handsomely dressed Men ( don’t you just love a man in a tux?) Including the man (ok! you made me say it, Billy Porter,) dressed in his much talked about half tux/half ball gown. Everyone came to S.L.A.Y.

Beyond the musical performances at the Academy Awards; I don’t say this lightly at all. Adam Lambert can sing the socks off your feet and can I just crush on Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper a little? Did they draw me into their own little world with their passionate, emotional duet or what? ( I kept thinking: these two are meant for each other) Everything about that duet was beautiful to me. Very honest and very raw however that’s still not my focus.

Academy Awards 2019 - Ayo's Point of View 1

Beyond the amazing Movies, documentaries, short films, film scores, scripts, costumes, set designs, Makeup, etcetera were the people who made the magic come to life on our screens.

The Academy Awards award nominees and recipients!

As I lay on my bed, head propped up on three pillows stacked on top of one another,( don’t judge me, my pillows are flat and who remembers to replace their pillows anyway?) Questions kept popping up in my mind.

I kept thinking about time and chance, I kept thinking about seasons and movements, of opportunities and the lack thereof.

I kept asking myself how did this person find the strength to keep churning out excellent material or services year after year without recognition?

How did those who worked so hard feel watching someone else take home the awards they’d hoped they would take home?

How did the winners really feel; Relieved? Deserving? Undeserving? Pressured? Smug?
I asked myself; is there any relationship between success and timing or success and seasons or is it just a question of hard work, sheer determination and consistency?

Academy Awards 2019 - Ayo's Point of View 2

Questions, questions and more questions from the Academy Awards.

I thought about the beautiful black Queen, Ruth Carter who took home the Oscar for Best Costume Design. She made history! The first African American to win an award in that category.

Spike Lee will be 62 in March. He’s a producer, director, scriptwriter and actor. After producing over 35 films including Malcolm X, Jungle Fever, the Best Man, He got game, Inside Man, just to mention a few, he finally won his first Oscar.

Imagine for a second that Ruth or Spike Lee had given up? Imagine they had said; you know what? “they” don’t recognise my talents. “They” don’t appreciate my genius.
I realised while watching and listening to each recipient speak that “they” don’t really matter.

I realised that It cannot just be about the awards and the accolades (as amazing as it is for your work to be validated by your peers or fans) It has to be about impact, influence and the greater good.

academy awards

We have to keep getting better. Keep honing our craft. Keep shining our light. Keep our eyes on the prize and one day “they” will take notice.

If for some reason “they” don’t, keep on being the best version of yourself you absolutely can be.

I’d like to leave you with a few lines from Lady Gaga’s speech that ministered to my soul.

“This is hard work. I’ve worked hard for a long time. It’s not about winning, it’s about NOT giving up. If you have a dream, fight for it!”

Until I come your way next time, keep shining your light for the world to see.


About The Author

Ayo Vincent is an award-winning gospel artiste, worship-leader, writer, wife and mother of 4 beautiful children.

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