9 to 5 chick: what would you do when there is a hike in transportation fare 1

You need to make Money. You need to make ends meet. If you’re a family person, you got bills of yourself and family’s to pay. And if you’re still single, you still have bills to pay too. Children’s school fees, house rent, feeding, clothing, shelter, etc. These are some reasons why you work, right?

But what happens, if these expenses are being affected because your salary is being tampered with? If there is a hike in transportation, your salary is definitely affected.
Tell me, if there is a hike in transportation fare, would you quit your job or what would you do? If you ask me, quitting isn’t the best option!

– Patience is the number one thing you need. Without patience, you’ll keep switching jobs. Where are the jobs, anyway? Lol. Even if you had the luxury of getting new jobs at your fingertips, it isn’t professional enough to switch at your will.

– When you’re spending more on transportation fare, then it’s time to cut down on some not so necessary expenses. For my ladies especially, it is time to cut down the amount you spend on those human hair, makeup, those pretty shoes, fancy clothes and you know the rest… I’m not saying you shouldn’t look good, I’m just saying you should spend wisely.

– Plan! Plan! Plan! Without proper planning, then you’d end up spending and not knowing what you spend on. You should begin to plan, before things get way out of hand.

Photo: @chicamastyle

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