9 to 5 chick: what to do when you're late for work 1
Traffic seems to be almost inevitable these days. Whenever you find yourself in one and you’re running late for work already, it’s normal to start panicking but that isn’t the best option for you.

Avoid looking at your wrist watch. That could literally give you a heart attack. Lol. It’s like crying over spilled milk. It won’t make any difference. That alone could ruin your mood and you know what that implies for the day, yea?

Try something that would makw you more relaxed. These days, alot of people rely on their phones(social media) for relaxation. They watch comedy skits and all. I guess you might want to do that. That of course, will be possible, only if you’re not driving. If you are driving, not too worry,just turn on your radio and listen to any show or play a song. It will really help you.

When you see you’re running late already, ensure to put a call through to your office. Let them know what’s going on with you. But ensure not to make this a habit, so you don’t get into serious trouble at work.

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