9 to 5 chick: sleeping early by telemoh 1

I used the be a very CHRONIC night crawler. You see me put the “chronic” in capital letters, right? Lol. That’s to tell you how bad it was. The earliest time you’d have me tucked in bed is 12am! My good Lord! Are you amazed? This is the rampant unhealthy lifestyle amongsts most of us.

Of course, our minds have been programmed to the believe that we must stay up till very late at night and into the early hours of the morning, just to be successful in life. I really do not know where to place this belief but I’ve seen few early sleepers, who turn out well either at their work places, or in other things. They tend to relate well with their colleagues at work and look happier.

The very few times i go to bed earlier than usual, i realise that by morning, i am very relaxed! Here is a quote i coined from this experience, “A relaxed mind, is a sound mind….” On such lucky days, my nerves are more calm and i am able to make sound decisions.

Now you know better….now you know you don’t necessarily have to sleep late. Have you ever wondered why you get so tensed at your workplace? You flare up at the slightest provocation, you can’t even tolerate little jokes or sarcasm rendered by your colleagues? Then i think it’s time for you to get some good sleep…

Nah…..never mind…what are friends for? You can thank me later. Lol

Photo: www.stylist.co.uk

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