In December 2015, FirstBank in partnership with Eventful hosted the largest Food & Wine Fair – Fiesta of Flavours and it was such an amazing event with Chef Face-Offs, Street Food, Cooking Classes, Five Course Dinning and so much more. This December, it promises to be even bigger and better!

Fiesta of Flavours 2016 , a 2-day event will hold on the 11th and 12th of December 2016 at the Harbour Point, off Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos. If there are any skeptics out there, here are 5, out of the million and one reasons, why you cannot afford to miss the Fiesta of Flavours 2016.

Food is the new oil!
Close your eyes and imagine an array of aromas, sizzling grills, mouthwatering displays, delicacies dripping with electrifying flavours of food and drinks in every vibrant colour you can think off – all this and more is what you should expect at the Fiesta of Flavours 2016. Renowned chefs will be present to take master chef classes and disclose secrets of how they make their legendary dishes so that long after the fair is over you can still relive the experience in your own kitchen!

So come along with friends, families and foodies as FirstBank supports the agriculture value chain!

Due to tight work schedules, life engagements or budget it could be pretty difficult to patronize all the nice restaurants and food vendors you hear so much about.
However, at Fiesta of Flavours you can visit all your favourite restaurants at the same time killing all your food fantasy birds with one ‘fiesta flavored’ stone, taking advantage of jaw dropping deals and lots of freebies to be won at the fair.
In addition, if you are a food vendor that banks with the number one bank in the country- FirstBank, you get 15% discount off the cost of your stall. YES YOU DO! Just use the code FIRSTBANK

Nothing goes better with delicious food than good music. There will be a concert at the venue with lots of popular acts present to entertain guests, expect electrifying performances from the A-list acts. Our hosts Jimmi the MC & IK Osakioduwa – celebrity on air personality will be on board to further add gusto to this year’s Fiesta of Flavours edition.

The children are not left out! They will be treated to lots of educating and entertaining activities to keep them engaged so that the adults can have fun without having to worry about the kids getting bored from ‘adult stuff’. Last year the kids had so much fun at the Fiestas of Flavours and this year the kiddies’ corner promises to be bigger and better.

The tech tent is a first of its kind and an experience you cannot miss! FirstBank will show you first-hand how the digital age has revolutionized the art of cooking and it promises to be nothing short of awesome. Guests would be treated to high tech food tips, smart phone food apps, online resources, tools and gadgets that will make time in the kitchen less frenetic and more fun. There will also be an LED food dance game, Virtual Reality Experience, loads of food and tech freebies.

I hope with these few points of mine I’ve been able to convince you that Fiesta of Flavours will be 100 % worth every bit of your time. We’ll be expecting you!

Be sure to follow @firstbanknigeria on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and the official hashtags #fiestaofflavours #FoodisFirst as we post more updates on this event.

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