355 Restaurant and Lounge.

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I have been reading about this new restaurant called; 355 Restaurant and Lounge. It has been described as a feel of New York City in Lagos because the décor captures popular locations in New York City. They serve a combination of Mexican and Continental dishes, so I decided not to be told about it but check it out myself.
I contacted them and arranged an eating meeting, lol. Before the appointment, my friend informs me that her birthday dinner is going to be at 355 Restaurant and Lounge. I was like this is perfect; I can catch them unawares to see how they really are before the review.
I got there Friday night and boy, I wasn’t ready for the amount of fun I had. Right from the door, the waitresses were all smiles and welcoming, saying; hope you are ready for an amazing night. Long story short, Friday night was amazing. They had like three birthdays going on at the same time and everyone got equal attention, drinks and cocktails were coming in and in different colors, everything working like clockwork even with the busy crowd, Dj playing the latest jams making people dance on their seats. My friends and I were just screaming; best birthday dinner ever, lol.
When reviewing a restaurant, I prefer going in when the restaurant is just opening for the day so we do not disturb customers with picture taking, recording and so on. As earlier described, their staff were still all smiles with welcoming behaviour.

By the recommendation of the manager; Joy, my lunch date and I had the (as seen in the pictures); Flautas (it is a tortilla wrap which includes fillings such as deep fried chicken with cheese. It is also topped with condiments such as sour cream and guacamole). It came with Mexican rice and re-fried beans as the side dishes.
As seen in the picture, we also had the Spicy Tequila Prawns; the prawns were layered on Mexican rice with pineapple dressing.
Oh my daze both dishes were absolutely scrumptious. My taste buds were jumping for joy at the taste of every bite. The flautas was exquisite, I mean the tortilla wrap was not too crunchy, it was just right. The deep fried chicken and cheese just went hand in hand as I munched on; the side dishes were amazing too. The Spicy Tequila prawn with the Mexican rice sent me to another food heaven on its own, in fact, I have decided to camp a tent next to the restaurant so I would eat all the mouth watering dishes they have there. The sauce that came with the Tequila prawns was soooooooo nice (it is not a typo, if I could add more o’s I will). That day, there was a party in my mouth as everything tasted awesome.
I have not even touched on the cocktails, trust me people, this place is the business and they don’t joke. They have fifteen different flavours of cocktails and on my visit, we had two; the Wahalarita and Mangorita. Please if you no get liver, lol, do not attempt the wahalarita o, it is mixed with over five different cocktails and is not meant for the faint hearted like me.
In all 355 Restaurant and Lounge is an amazing place to dine, as they offer their customers a fine dining experience. The food is great, the cocktails are amazing and they have an excellent way of relating to customers. I asked Joy why 355 Restaurant is different from others, she says it’s the food, staff and cocktails and I completely agree with her.
Don’t just take my word for it, go into 355 Restaurant and Lounge today and enjoy the fabulous dining experience. Exquisite magazine readers can get 10% discount off the bill on anything ordered, simply take this issue of exquisite with you.

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