Don’t you just love an Exquisite woman? One who knows how to balance it all and still look fabulous. Well, we do too! That’s why our WCW for this week is popular Nollywood actress and entrepreneur, Iyabo Ojo.

Pictures are known for storytelling, so we’ll be showing you why we love her with Iyabo Ojo Photos. Leggo!

If you want to confirm all these, just check out other Iyabo Ojo photos on her Instagram page.

Reasons Why We Love Iyabo Ojo (Pictures)

1. Her Personality:

Iyabo Ojo
Iya Ojo dancing at The Launch of her Abula Spot

Regardless of her status in society and her achievements so far, Iyabo Ojo is never found to be uptight, but very free-spirited and it’s not just for the cameras. We always catch her active and in a good mood, whether playing with her children or chilling off-set, there’s no dull moment with her.

Iyabo Ojo pictures tell us all we need to know about this.

2. Her Beauty

Iyabo Ojo

Yes, it doesn’t take much to notice how beautiful Iyabo Ojo is. She even passed on these genes to her daughter, Priscilla Ojo, who is a brand and social media influencer, following in her mother’s steps in many ways than one. Whether she’s all glammed up on the red carpet, or making a Tikitok video from home, Iyabo Ojo’s beauty radiates all-round.

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3. Her Humour

iyabo ojo
Iyabo Ojo on Tiktok

Check out some of her Tiktok videos here

This accompanies her free-spirited nature. Apart from Iyabo Ojo Photos, her videos tell us that she has an amazing sense of humour and seeks to find laughter in every situation.

This became even more evident to the world in these pandemics times, when virtually everyone took to Tikitok to kill boredom. Iyabo Ojo’s tiktok videos are a vibe any day, any time.

4. Her Fashion

WCW: 5 Iyabo Ojo Photos And Why We Love Her 1

Iyabo Ojo has mastered the art of serving us amazing looks over the years, both in and out of red carpet shows. From Ankara to corporate chic and full-on red carpet looks, Iyabo Ojo’s fashion is always something to look forward to.

His fashion choices always portray her as a modern woman and this is part of why many young ladies look up to her.

5. Her Strength

Iyabo Ojo

Coming out of a failed marriage stronger and more successful only goes to show how strong Iyabo Ojo is, especially with the whole thing unfolding right before our eyes. Being able to raise two children without paternal presence isn’t easy, but she managed to pull it off. Also, soaring from a place of financial instability to being an entrepreneur with multiple businesses, a producer and a thriving actress. These feats can’t just be whisked away.

Now, you know why we love Iyabo Ojo so much and why she’s our WCW for this week. For more gist, and to find out who our next WCW will be, make sure you subscribe to our email list.



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