Social media erupted a while ago when the president of the Nigeria implied that majority of the youths were lazy and somewhat entitled. One of the major reasons people were angry was because most of these so called lazy people had side gigs to their main jobs. How can people with multiple jobs be termed as lazy? In truth, it is not uncommon to find people with side hustles around here. You would find engineers who are also photographers, doctors who are bead makers, accountants who are writers, and many more seemingly odd combinations. Inasmuch as this is sometimes required to make ends meet and to have multiple sources of income, striking a balance without any one suffering, might be tough. Here are some of the trusted ways you can balance your side hustle with your main job.

  • Apportion your time

Time is money; when you have a side job, it is even truer. Every single second of the day must be relevant. To effectively do this, you need to create structure. First, you would need to use a to-do list. Daily and weekly plans set out the exact things that need to be done so you don’t leave things hanging. It would also ensure that you don’t waste time on irrelevant things or things that are not directly relevant to your objectives.


  • Take breaks

Every single time being relevant doesn’t nearly mean that you should work round the clock. This would only lead to burn out. You should set out specific time for relaxation and breaks. In fact, put it as part of your to-do list if you have to. Spend time with friends and family members deliberately. This would help you maintain mental clarity enough for you to remain productive.


  • Set goals

Ways to balance your side hustle with your full time job 1








In a football pitch, without goal posts, the footballers would just been running around to no end. This is why we need to set goals. Sometimes, it is easy to get lost in routine. However, when you have clearly defined goals and objectives for your days, weeks, months, and even years; every action you make would be geared towards that direction and anything irrelevant would be discarded. This is how you achieve your goals and still maintain balance.


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