A lot of women have gone into relationships with the myth that performing domestic duties such as cooking, washing, and cleaning for your partner will ensure that the relationship leads to marriage. This notion has turned many girlfriends into wives before they are actually married. The fear of losing their significant other pushes them into performing wifely duties for men they aren’t married to.

Some men, being the beneficiaries of this myth have grown accustomed to this that they now make it a requirement for any women they intend to date and if you refuse to succumb they see you as unserious and not ready for marriage. These men insist that you have to prove to them that you can perform domestic activities before they can see a future with you.

The reality is cooking and doing domestic chores for your partner and in extension, his family does not guarantee that he will marry you. Actually in doing this, you are already providing him with most of the things he hopes to get from marriage on a platter of gold, so why will he commit to marriage? He doesn’t need to because you are already performing wifely duties outside of marriage.

If you think critically about it, he has already dated a few women before you, who all met his “domestic requirements” but here he is in yet another relationship. This goes to show that doing domestic chores doesn’t keep a man or lead to marriage. A man will only marry a woman who he truly loves, admires, respects and sees a future with, regardless of how domesticated she is or how well she cooks.

Don’t let societal myths goad you into believing that cooking and cleaning for a man will make him marry you. If you decide to carry out domestic chores for your partner, let it be because you just want to, but not as a means to an end.

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