As humans, we do not exist in a bubble. For that reason, we need friends, family members, and other key relationships to keep us going. Friends are there to make life a little easier; we share our challenges as well as our dreams with them so ordinarily, our goals and those of our friends should not be far apart. However, every now and then, we come across friends who don’t seem to be interested in our success. Toxic friends are the naysayers and they function that way either out of jealousy or envy. Sometimes, it could just be the way they are – some people are negatively inclined by default. Whatever the case may be, you must end it for your own good. Here are the best ways to handle this:

  • Oppose with positivity

There is a clear difference with somebody making you see reason in other options and the person just being negative. When you have identified that a friend is a negative person or plays the devil’s advocate always, you need to be able to stand your ground or their comments would leave bits of limitation, fear, and negativity around you. It is important that you do not keep quiet in situations like that; respond with your positive opinion. No need to turn it into an argument though, say your point and move on.

Love is beautiful because God is love- MercyB

  • Selective listening

It might be hard to completely ignore the comments of a friend especially when the person is not all bad. Hence, a good method is that of selective listening. Listen when you believe the person is being factual and just tune off when you can tell the person is simply being hateful or negative. How would you know when to listen and when not to? Trust your guts.


  • Set boundaries

Your friends should be able to know when their opinion is required and when it just is not. You don’t want your friend talking ill of your husband in front of you – don’t give room for such. Set limits politely and ensure your friends keep to them.


  • Walk away

Sometimes, you need to pick your sanity, peace, and self-esteem over your friends. Walk away from negative friendships or relationships and ensure you don’t give others the power of influence over you. This is the toughest option, but in the long run, it is undoubtedly the best.

How To Handle Toxic Friends 1

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