the-face-behind-the-mask-al-goldfarbBy ∫̲ᴸ̲ᵒ̲ᵛ̲ᵋ̲ Dr Solomon Adams

When we first meet someone online or anywhere, we often hide our shortcomings from them, so that they will only see our good points and not our bad points. We also tend to agree with everything that our love interest says, in order to appear that we have a lot in common or to boost their egos. However, by doing this, you’re just postponing the inevitable arguments that will ensue when the truth comes out.

So, my advice is to truly get to know the person you are interested in, before you fall in love and definitely before you get married. If you discover that you have too many differences, then this may not be the right match for you.

Don’t wait until after you’re married to show your true colors or it will most likely end in divorce. When the mask of emotions is off, we can see the truth much easier. However, after you have feelings invested, it’s often hard to see past those emotions to the true person behind the mask.

It’s better that we get all of our differences out in the open, instead of taking secrets into marriage, only to find out the truth after we get married.

So, take your time, ask lots of questions and get to know the real person behind the mask, so you will be better prepared when these issues come up later. Many marriages end in divorce, because both people are on their best behavior until after the wedding. Then their true selves come out and they get divorced because they didn’t really know each other. They just knew the masked person and not the real person behind the mask. Also, get God involved in the decision process.

Pray about the relationship and ask God for a sign. Keep your heart guarded, so that your emotions won’t get in the way of God’s will for your life.

He gives us free will to choose our own mates though, so He may be slow to interfere. So, it’s also up to you to screen people out. Be picky, be true to yourself and to your potential mate and always be true to Bible standards, which are from God.

Then your marriage will be blessed.

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