Multi-tasking, organised patterns and staying in control is no doubt a skill that can be acquired by super humans, but who says everyone cannot develop super human skills? Today, I have prepared three ideas to consider, if you want to take up a course, acquire another degree while working to pay the bills, or just learning to intellectually develop yourself in general!

A good start could be to register for an online course. With the world going digital on a fast track, it is no news to get a certificate without having to attend classes. If you’re stuck with a busy schedule, and you can’t find the spare time to attend a classroom lesson, an online course should be considered. Benefits of online courses vary, depending on how your daily routine meets you. You can easily take lesson plans and unit courses at your own time and convenience.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, could serve as a starting point to staying on track in relation to your learning process. It could be joining a group chat with people going through the same course program. Not all learning comes from books or the classrooms, the digital world has replaced the old customs in these platforms for connections and discussions. The social media serves a great purpose in this stead as members enjoy access to educational materials and other opportunities that enhance their learning process by just a swipe or click on our smartphones and computers.

Setting yourself up for a challenge (within the organisation you find yourself be it at school or work), could serve as a great option to enhance your learning process. I know majority of persons would naturally shy away from a challenge or change from the what they are already used to, but the possible benefits are too good to be ignored.

If you are in a part of the IT department in your company, challenge yourself and join the social media team whenever a new project arises. Help with social media campaigns and strategies, (even though you are not a social media strategist by profession) challenging yourself can expose you to new information and help forge relationships which could increase your circle of influence with subject matter experts outside your field.

Be it enrolling for an online course or introducing new persons to your team, it is important to pay attention to elements around you, from individuals or forums, challenge yourself, and seize opportunities. All these are processes that could help your learning process while working or taking on other projects. So, try one.

BY: Ifeanyichukwu Okpala

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