It would interest you to know that one of the wonderful blessings nature has given us is Tiger Nut. Tiger nuts, commonly called ‘Ofio’ or ‘Aya’ are snack-like nuts and they have been widely underutilised. Asides its myriad of inherent nutrients, it helps in preventing and fighting cancer as well as other diseases. Interestingly, Tiger nut is really not a nuts; it is more like a combination of Coconut and Almond. Whether you chew it for the fun of it or drink the milk, you should probably know the benefits you’re deriving from it.

Here are some major health benefits of Tiger nuts.

  1. Helps in blood circulation
  2. It aids Digestion
  3. It fights malnutrition
  4. It fights Bacteria
  5. It fights and prevents Cancer
  6. It fights diabetes
  7. It cures erectile dysfunction

8. Rich source of protein

  1. Tiger nut milk serves as a substitute for animal milk
  2. It is good for the skin
Tiger Nuts
Source – Mamalette
  1. Helps in blood circulation

Tiger nut is rich in potassium which is great for lowering blood pressure. It also contains Magnesium for regulating the heartrate and preventing heart attacks or thrombosis.


  1. It aids Digestion

Tiger nuts have been used in treating stomach aches, constipation and other digestive issues. The enzymes in it such as amylase, catalase and lipase are what help in easing digestion.


  1. It fights malnutrition

Tiger nuts are very rich in fibre, carbohydrate, magnesium, iron, copper, and zinc. Whenever you’re stuck in a place where you cannot access good food, you can trust tiger nuts to provide you with the important nutrients needed in your body.

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  1. It fights Bacteria

Tiger nuts also help in fighting bacteria in the body. It helps in fighting infections like Streptococcus and Salmonella.


  1. It fights and prevents Cancer

The high contents of soluble glucose in Tiger nuts also help in preventing cancer! It reduces the risk of having colon cancer as Tiger Nut cleanses the colon. It is also rich in antioxidants that help generally in preventing cancer.

 Tiger Nuts

  1. It fights diabetes

As tasty as Tiger nuts are, they also prevent diabetes. Tiger Nut has a high non-soluble fibre content that helps regulate the sugar level thereby preventing and fighting diabetes.


7.       I t cures erectile dysfunction

Though not well proven, tiger nut has been used as alternative medicine in solving the problem of erectile dysfunction. It is a popular belief that tiger nuts could improve one’s sex drive and it has been administered locally for that cause.


8.       Rich source of protein

Tiger nuts serve as rich sources of protein and is good for building up muscles and bones. It is one of the best sources of protein available.

  1. Tiger nut milk serves as a substitute for animal milk

Tiger nut milk is rich in calcium, vitamin C and Vitamin E, and it contains no lactose. This can serve as a healthier substitute for cow milk.

  1. It is good for the skin

Finally, because of its high vitamin E content, Tiger nut can slow down the aging of body cells. It also helps the elasticity of the skin and prevents wrinkles.

Tiger Nuts are a definite win.

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